Demand for Agility is Accelerating Cloud Transformation

The surge in Digital Transformation

The pandemic has changed the way we work. COVID-19 forced almost all enterprises to radically change how they engage with clients, suppliers and their employees in order to maintain their business activity and productivity. This has added further impetus to the migration of data from on premise to the cloud. Reportedly more than 70% of organisations have active migration plans.

Adoption Accelerated by Four Years

The McKinsey Global Survey last year reports that companies have accelerated digitisation of interaction with clients, supply chain and internally by four years. Furthermore, the adoption of digitally enabled products in their portfolios by a staggering seven years.

McKinsey & Company

Remote & Hybrid Working

The pandemic has most certainly led to the rapid increase in remote working and the migration towards hybrid working models which businesses have been forced to implement. Going to the office has for periods not been possible but this is no longer the only way to get things done. Both employers and employees have met the challenges of lockdown and COVID by transforming the way they work.

New Technology Stack

Efficient hybrid working requires a new tech stack, more than three quarters of organisations have accelerated cloud migration due to the pandemic and hybrid working. Remote workers and co-located teams are utilising collaboration and productivity tools widely. Cyber security needs to rise to meet the greater challenges of securing off premises users while still maintaining security compliance.

Operations and Cloud Security

Despite fears to the contrary, the success of this shift surprised many. Bitglass, who specialise in ‘Total Cloud Security’ released a 2021 Remote Workforce Security Report following a survey of IT and security professionals. They asked how remote working transformation impacted their operations and security challenges.

Their findings indicate that 57% of organisations still operate with three quarters of their teams remote and the huge majority of respondents, 90% are planning to continue with remote or hybrid working for the foreseeable future.

Source: PwC US Remote Work Survey

Q: How do you plan to change investment levels, if at all, in the following areas?

Fully Remote Working May Not be for Everyone

Remote working may be the answer for some but by no means everyone wants to give up the office. Salesforce research suggests 64% of employees would prefer to spend part of their time in the office environment. This is reinforced by PwC research that asked executives their position, only 13% were ready to go remote permanently.

Cloud & Infrastructure will Facilitate the Transformation

However, a hybrid working future will bring many challenges, both human and of technologies. This remote working model needs more than a desktop in the office, a laptop at home, and an internet connection in between to function efficiently.

Next Ventures Cloud Contractors Data

Next Ventures’ own data clearly indicates that 2021 is breaking records in demand for implementation consultancy and technology staffing across all areas of cloud, infrastructure and cybersecurity. Our teams are supporting an ever increasing number of cloud transformation projects for our extensive list of global clients. We are increasingly finding that Work from Anywhere or hybrid working is a feature for the vast majority of Cloud roles we are currently resourcing.

“The percentage of NV contract workforce currently working remotely on Cloud Transformation projects is now in the region of 90% (as of Oct 2021). This compares to circa 20% pre-Covid. The demand from our clients for Cloud resources has also grown dramatically as enterprise businesses look to move completely off-premise and remove barriers and accessibility that would otherwise exist due to geographical location. This in addition to the other obvious benefits around cost, scalability, continuity, automation, integration and security has meant demand globally has increased exponentially.”

Stephen Martin, Director

It remains to be seen whether the levels of remote working that have been forced by necessity remain for the long haul or there is another resetting of practise.

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