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News Release 8 July 2020; London UK – Next Ventures have expanded their technology staffing and consultancy services to offer Change leadership, inspiration and enablement to ensure the success of client organisations’ Transformation programmes. This Change & Transformation service will operate across and is supported by our enterprise technology practices.

Next Ventures have been supporting change and transformation initiatives since 2001, by delivering the specialist talent needed for organisations to rise to their technology, digital and operational challenges, and to adapt to the ever-changing needs of their customers and employees.

We focus on 5 key practice areas across all industries, covering the majority of IT hiring needs.

SAP | Business Applications | Development & Integration | Cloud & Infrastructure | Data

With offices in London, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland, USA and Brazil we deliver compliant staffing and consultancy support globally.

Next Ventures knows that attracting the right candidate or selecting the right consultant for a niche role or project, can be difficult for many organisations. Stakeholders have important day jobs to do, Next Ventures offer full-time focus on each role and project and commit to delivering within industry-leading timescales, saving your hiring managers’ time and making sure you get the best possible candidate. The Consultancy’s ecosystem of trusted transformation professionals allows for the best of both quality and speed.

“There’s a big opportunity for organisations to change right now. Market rates for consultants are very low at the moment and some of the most talented professionals in London are available immediately for transformation programmes”

Joe Brown, Lead Consultant, Change & Transformation

“Leaders need to consider transforming their businesses right away to adapt to the new normal. If they don’t, they could be left behind or, at the very least, left catching up with the businesses that acted faster.”

Richard Lacey, Founder of Next Ventures

Next Ventures have worked with a number of high-profile clients on both contract & permanent recruitment and mobilising entire teams for larger statements of work. Clients have included the likes of Deloitte, Roche, Dyson, Coopervision, and Accenture along with many other consultancies. For more information on Next Ventures and the all-new Change & Transformation services, contact Joe Brown using the details below.

Contact Details

Company: Next Ventures

Contact Full Name: Joe Brown

Contact Role: Lead Consultant, Change & Transformation



Telephone Number: +44207 324 2833