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Next Ventures Emerging Technology service has over 20 years’ experience in search & selection, sourcing niche technical talent for our clients globally. We leverage our global network of talent to align critical business objectives to support businesses to deliver organisational success. Our level of experience, exposure, market expertise and geographic reach in to both active and passive talent pools is unmatched in the industry.

Utilising a robust search methodology, we use data tools to underpin our research-orientated approach to uncovering and aligning highly competent talent. NV’s search capability sees us use advanced talent analytics and market insight data, to advise our clients on talent strategy initiatives for both small hiring projects as well as and volume based scale-up campaigns. Our services are robust and have been proven to be highly successful, and once key talent has been delivered our clients can then focus on their key goals that matters.

NV has extensive experience and expertise in the technology sector, our consultants maintain their niche focus and stay proactive in their markets to keep up to date on both market intelligence and trends. Functioning as key advisors and talent strategists, our consultants offer services designed to enable your organisation to achieve its full potential.

This specialist service utilises our unique market knowledge and the Next Ventures database and network to identify candidates not easily available to other recruiters. Our focus reduces your time-to-hire allowing rapid response to demand for growth.


Emerging Tech Adopters


Early to late stage startups

Stealth, Seed, Series A, B, C



Accelerators, Disruptive Innovation, Exploration and Experimentation

venture capital

Venture Capital

Early Stage, Expansion Stage, Bridge Stage


Technology Disciplines

emerging technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing (NLP), Data Science and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN)

emerging technologies

Cloud & Infrastructure

SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, DevOps, Data Center (Compute, Network, Storage), Software-defined Data Center (SDDC), and Virtualization

emerging technologies

Data & Analytics

Data Engineering, Database Management, Blockchain, Data Warehousing, Data Visualization

emerging technologies

Edge Computing

Computation and Data Storage, Edge- Cloud Architectures, Automation, 5G, Network Orchestration, Network Abstraction, IoT Management

emerging technologies


Medical Devices, Pharma, Genetic Engineering, Electronic Health Records (EHR), Biotechnology

emerging technologies

Internet of Things

Sensors, Wireless Networks, Embedded Systems, Machine Vision, Machine Learning, Electronics

emerging technologies


Sensing and Perception, Embedded Systems, Software Development, Electronics, Robotic Process Automation and Power Systems

emerging technologies


Processors (CPU & GPU), Accelerators, Memory, Infrastructure

emerging technology

Software Engineering

Development, Programming, Implementation, Testing, Design, Planning


Attracting the Right Talent

One of the biggest challenges you will face in the emerging technology space when starting a new business or business unit, is attracting the right talent. Whether you are a major multinational or a small business, time is money. The more efficient you are in delivering your workforce solutions, the more time you have available to focus on what matters and that will add value to the business.

Next Ventures do not come with prescribed models or set platforms, we work with you to meet your people goals and needs, regardless of the scale of the programme or project. We build tailored solutions that make you stand out against your competition.

Permanent Recruitment

Retained Search
Designated research and resource teams are assigned to fill your executive search hiring needs.

Engaged Search
Collaborative and consultative approach, associated primarily with technical engineering, R&D, product management, sales, and mid-level appointments.

Mass-Hire Campaign
Project delivery that will support large volumes of talent needed.

Market Intelligence

Talent Mapping
Visibility of talent pools within competitors and target markets and in-depth analysis of market conditions.

Competitor Analysis & Salary Benchmarking
Real-time salary benchmarking data from targeted talent pools

Workforce Planning
Develop an employer branding strategy, analyse your current and potential workforce, new market entry, international expansion

RPO & Managed Solutions

Next Ventures’ outsourced service is specifically designed based on business and market needs. We offer solutions that are flexible and scalable to help you win market share.
RPO | On-Demand RPO | Project RPO

Recruit the Best Emerging Technology Talent

Skills alone are not enough in today’s world and it is the combination of functional knowledge and industry experience that we categorise as expertise that makes the difference. The NV team consists of people who have committed their careers to delivering technical staffing solutions across a variety of industries and locations. In a competitive landscape, we will partner with you to find the unique skills you need to grow.

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  • Engaging with Next Ventures, the whole recruitment process from the first contact to the introduction of candidates for an open position was smooth and very fast. I found their proactive and highly consultative approach helpful and very effective. Getting two really good candidates that fitted our job requirement perfectly, within just two weeks and to be able to secure one of them in just 5 days is unbelievable.

    We are looking forward to working with Next Ventures in the very near future again and would highly recommend their service.

    Kira Schirl COO, trbo GmbH

  • I engaged Next ventures to leverage their reach within the SAP resource pool to attract and supply both resources that had S4HANA experience or had a real drive to move into a business that was ahead of the curve and was driving the rollout of SAP S/4 to deliver business benefits across the group as part of the long term strategy. Next Ventures provided expert SAP consultants to support the finance and logistics teams across the full life-cycle of the project. I would wholeheartedly recommend their services.

    Trevor Barrett, Competence Manager at Nobia

    Read Case Study Here

  • Next Ventures have been supporting my business growth for more than two years when I decided to create my own structure, dedicated to CRM and MKT advisory. Because of their in depth understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem and their strong workload capacity I’ve asked their support during that particular sensible phase. They always deliver a recruitment process for Consultants in a very professional manner.

    Benoist BAZZARA, President at Devoteam Customer Effectiveness

  • Next Ventures has worked with us on an array of consulting roles from both junior to very senior roles, more directly with me for over 2 years. Without hesitation I can say that they have continuously supplied us with an extremely high calibre of candidates that have very often resulted in great hires for the firm which are noted by Partners.
    A few of the things that matter to Deloitte are; finding the correct culture fit, managing our brand as a third party and following processes well, which I can wholeheartedly say Next Ventures have done while working with us. All of their consultants are extremely professional while still maintaining a great friendly approach. As a result of the great service I personally have received, I have recommended Next Ventures to other areas of Deloitte and to others in the recruitment space.
    They are keen to learn how a business works and take a genuine interest in their candidates’ future, which is a winning combination resulting in happy candidates and happy clients! Next Ventures are a pleasure to work with and I look forward to the ongoing relationship in the future.

    Laura O’Callaghan, Deloitte

  • When I am within our organization, Next Ventures are the first I turn to. We relied on Next Ventures earlier this year to make a critical hire within our business for an ERP Manager. This role was immensely important as the person would be overseeing our whole Dynamics AX implementation. As a family owned business, we take our corporate culture very seriously, and this weighs heavily on our decision making process. Next Ventures was able to understand the unique cultural characteristics of our organization while also identifying a candidate with the technical expertise needed for our highly customized system. Although there are many recruiters and agencies out there, for us, it is imperative that we work with someone who treats our business as if it were their own, and working with Next Ventures is a no brainer.

    Stuart Hill, CIO of Dunlap 

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