How Cyber Security has evolved?

Digital transformation has been rapid and changed the way we see the world. The digital revolution opened new doors to ease human life, transform the way we do business and facilitates the digitisation of our finances. Next Ventures has witnessed the pressure on Cyber Security to keep pace this rapid development and help organisations protect their systems with digital security professionals.

Before the Digital Revolution

Let’s recall the time when technology wasn’t so advance and an IT person had to manage fewer tasks and fewer devices. Talking about the resources which were located locally, in the vicinity of the area provided less privilege to cyber attackers. Thus, all an IT head had to do was to configure an efficient firewall and effective measures to protect the network.

New Cyber Threats

However, threats were still there, though limited in nature but their impact wasn’t as vicious as they are now. By creating a large hub of networking devices and the advancement of technology the threats can come from anywhere. For now, we can’t even take a smart bulb for granted since it can welcome attackers through its internet connectivity and used to launch a DDoS attack. These threats can lock our data in the form of ransomware, cause data breaches leading to the great loss of organisational data and compromise of personal data.

The Effect of Breaches

Such data breaches not only affect an organisational performance but cause severe damage to an organisation’s reputation. Therefore, technology professionals started to take action against cyberattacks to protect organisations and began to develop more complex protection controls which were more demanding in terms of resources.

New Technology

But now technology has been evolving exponentially leaving behind its antique architecture. Digitisation has taken over the world making all the impossible things possible in the area of technology. IoT, cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning has transformed the way device and people are connected. Thus creating new challenges in every aspect especially in the field of Cyber Security.

Earlier it was supposed that Cyber Security was only a way of protecting a device from malware. But now the mega number of devices connected on the internet can be used to launch attacks on confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of sensitive data.

With the passage of time and the advancement of technology, digital businesses such as online banking, e-commerce, healthcare technology, and social media are creating opportunities for cyber attackers. Thus, it becomes important for an organisation to critically deal with those threats.

Proactive Strategy

Advance cyber attacks require a proactive and comprehensive cyber resilience strategy, supported by professional Cyber Security people, process, and technology. Protection from cyber attacks is no more limited to firewalls or antivirus. Organisations that still rely on orthodox cybersecurity controls are at risk of severe business disruption and heavy financial losses. Therefore, along with these ways, it is necessary to formulate protection policies and principles making it difficult to access control by unauthorized persons.

Now it’s the time for an organisation to invest in its IT teams and professionals, provide the necessary training, polish their skills, develop smart monitoring solutions, and create a resilient layered protection mechanism. Only then it would be able to deal with the cyber attacks by early detection and take immediate actions against any suspicious activity, creating zero tolerance for data breaches.

Multilayer Security

Sophisticated attacks can be prevented by layered security controls. Security Operation Centres, Vendor Management, Data Protection, secure configurations, secure software development, vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, risk management, information security governance are some of the ever-increasing domains of cybersecurity.

Data protection regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and cybersecurity standards like NIST CSF, ISO 27001 are increasing the pressure on companies to attain compliance and follow best practices to retain customer trust. Cybersecurity is no more a static field but requires entire departments and senior management commitment to ensure cyber risks are mitigated before any harm is caused to the organisation.

Locating Experienced Professionals

Diversity in cybersecurity controls requires professionals who can govern, manage, and operate information security effectively. Certified professionals with experience are scarce and hard to find. Businesses are facing an acute shortage of professionals who can defend the cyber boundaries of organisations. Next Ventures can help organisations overcome the information security skill shortage challenge. Our business-centric approach helps find professionals who can prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.

Based on business requirements we provide access to permanent and contract based candidates. Our belief is that each appropriate cybersecurity position that we fill, makes cyberspace a little more secure and safer.

Please visit our Cyber Security page, email us at Security Team or call 0207 549 4040 to discuss your talent acquisition requirements or current Cyber Security job opportunities, our team of Cyber Security recruitment specialists are waiting to hear from you.