How Our Entire Business Benefits from Incentive Trips

We are proud that money is not the only motivating factor at Next Ventures.

Sure, the industry-leading 35% uncapped commission is a solid reason to give your all, but the real secret sauce that drives our 20% YOY growth is the overall NV experience that we offer our employees. We care about creating a winning culture where people want to perform – not only for themselves but for those around them.

Many people see a recruitment business as a collection of hungry lone wolves, hunting down their commissions and closely guarding the juiciest clients. If there is a meaty role, why would you want to spend your time doing anything else but filling it?

The thing is that lone wolves don’t survive for long. Wolf packs hunt together and grow together, and at Next Ventures we try to incentivise our people in the same way.

It is true that the majority of our renowned top biller trips are individually oriented – the rewards should rightfully go to those that do the most work, but every top biller knows that they cannot be successful without close collaboration with their colleagues. They get a referral from someone on another desk, they are sent an interesting candidate from someone else and they might be given advice on how to handle a situation by a third person.

All this might add up to them going to Dubai as a top achiever in the quarter.

However, they know that on their return they have to give back to the pack…. This time they might be the one suggesting the candidate, giving the referral or offering the advice. When there are amazing experiences on offer, they know that together the team is stronger.

After many years of experimentation, it is clear that it is experiences rather than money that offer the biggest incentive. If we gave people money, they would probably buy a slightly more expensive car or get a few more shares, but that hardly gets the pulse racing. If there is a 7-day (all expenses paid) trip to Cape Town which will be over and above your annual holiday allowance, then that is something worth striving for and something that you would remember forever. It would also give everyone else something to work towards next time.

Such incentives are common in sales-oriented businesses, but we often wonder whether they might serve to increase productivity in other types of business too. Millennials are less motivated by financial rewards – they want to create a life to remember (and to share on Instagram), so why not offer them specific experiences to aim for?

Mykonos collage

Much of our success and growth over the past few years has come from bringing in the most talented (and hungry) young sales professionals and channelling our atmosphere of collaborative excellence to allow them to shoot for these incentives. Those who got stuck in were not only earning six-figure salaries in a short space of time but they also racked up a lot of stamps in their passports. Our incentive trips are far more than just a flight and a hotel, they are carefully planned experiences shared experiences with friends (who happen to work at the same place).

When everyone is striving for excellence (and rewarded for it with amazing incentives), the overall level of achievement skyrockets. A rising tide raises all ships when a trip to Miami is on the line.

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