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For over 20 years, Next Ventures has provided high quality talent in the technology recruitment sector. Our consultants maintain their niche focus across our five core practices of SAP, Business Applications, Development & Integration, Cloud & Infrastructure, and Data.

We have now added a dedicated Golang recruitment function to our Development & Integration practice, and will be aiding companies using Go in their core tech stack to resource the perfect candidates.

What is Golang?

Go was originally invented by Google in 2007. Go language was designed to address shortcomings Google found in C++ and Java when working with cloud and distributed network systems.  The first release of V 1.0 was in 2012 but it is only in recent years that we have noticed an increased appetite for strong developers in the Go market.

Demand for Go Skills is Accelerating

Aided by adoption from the likes of Uber, Twitch, Delivery Hero, Dropbox and of course Google, the search for experienced and reliable engineers is on. Similar to the progression of companies’ adoption of cloud technology from on-premises servers, backends built in PHP and Java are frequently migrated to a full Go programming language backend in the modern-day stack.

Not only are backend environments being built in Go, but the most popular tools on the market for software engineers are built using Golang. The likes of Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift to name but a few, are written in Go and are a staple for the majority of businesses that want to keep up with current trends.

Golang specialist

Modern Technology Attracts Talent

Increasingly, candidates want to work on modern technology stacks, and Golang is fast becoming a language of choice and an attractive option when recruiting talented developers who want Golang jobs.

What does this mean for us? In stark comparison to the number of developers with extensive experience in C++, Java or other common backend languages, a top Golang developer is a rarity. The fight for talent goes on and the competitive market will continue to drive candidates towards the most attractive opportunity presented to them. When you are looking to be the best, you need the support of the best in the market. This is where Next Ventures come in.

Established Global Network

As an established name in the technology talent market with a global network of candidates and a recruitment process focused on quality, Next Ventures can enable you to find these sought-after developers before anyone else.

For Golang jobs or talent reach, out to our Golang experts in the Dev Team, for a conversation today.

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