Security Architects/Engineers/Analysts

As technology and its role in our world continues to expand and evolve, while all forms of attack on technology continue to involve and become more and more frequent, security is paramount. This is true anywhere that uses computers and other forms of technology, buy especially crucial in large enterprises. As this continues to become more of a priority for companies therefore, it is great to be a security architect, engineer or analyst at the moment.

For these Security Architects/Engineers/Analysts Jobs we are ideally looking for individuals with the relevant field experience and qualifications, including CISSP. Although the more technical experience you have, the better your chances of finding work will be, at Next Ventures we are always interested in candidates at various stages in their career and work closely with firms such as Deloitte, Ernst & Young (EY), KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers across the UK, Netherlands, Germany and beyond.

Leaders in Cyber Security Recruitment

Our recruitment business has been operational since 2001 and since we started, we have experienced a healthy amount of growth. We feel that the reason why we have become increasingly successful and popular, is not just because we cover the staffing needs for companies looking to fill Security Architects/Engineers/Analysts Jobs, but because we take our business and clients very seriously. We are not looking to just fill vacancies with just any candidates. We are always concerned with finding the right security architects, engineers and analysts that our clients expect.

This is why our application process is so thorough. It is not just your academic and employment experience or even your qualifications and technical skills we are interested in, we want to know more about you as a person.

Personality counts for a lot when it comes to finding the right candidate for Security Architects/Engineers/Analysts Jobs. There will always be qualified and experienced people, but companies are interested in those who stand out from the crowd. Perhaps it's your long-term goals and aspirations or your interests and hobbies, whatever it is that sets you apart from others, it's something we need to know.

When it comes to applying the process is incredibly simple. You can look through the currently available Security Architects/Engineers/Analysts Jobs or you can register with us. You can also drop us an email or call us on our telephone number. It really depends on whether you have a) the qualifications, b) experience and skills and c) the motivation to take on a challenging career in this area of IT.

At Next Ventures, we are waiting to hear from you. We will help you take that next big step in your career. Find out more about Cyber Security Recruitment