Preparing Your Workplace for a Digital Future

Is your workplace prepared for a digital future?

We are living in a digital era, and progressive technology is no longer a nice optional extra. It’s a necessity for success in the digital world. Since 1970, technology has consistently improved office worker productivity by 84%. In 2015 and looking ahead to the future, it’s an intrinsic and unavoidable part of doing business.

By making strategic investments in scaleable IT solutions, secure IT systems and the right digital talent, business can stay nimble, agile and profitable in a rapidly changing landscape.

But equally as important as using the latest technology, is creating a workplace that encourages, fosters and nourishes digital growth and innovation. If your workplace is well prepared, it can offer enormous opportunities for business growth.

“Successfully incorporating today’s digital technologies requires companies to operate in new ways” 

MITSloan Management Review

Here are a few ways you can prepare your workplace for the coming of new technologies, inspired by Gartner’s Digital Workplace Summit in London back in September:

Draw a Map

It’s important to map your transition to a digital business – how different technologies will be exploited and where role and responsibilities will arise in each department. Where will you need to recruit new tech talent? 

A Workplace for a Mobile Workforce

The mobile working population is growing. It’s expected to reach 105.4 million by 2020, an army of employees working wherever they want – at the office, at home, or abroad.  To stay nimble and prepare for an increasingly digital future, it’s important to implement an IT strategy that allows employees to work on the go. This includes the ability to instantly access the data they need, whenever they need it.

Employee Engagement

Finding new ways to working in a digital future requires behaviour change as much as new technologies. The individual leadership required to meet the challenges of a digital workplace is dependent on an engaged workforce. Success in the digital future will call for great autonomy and empowerment, and new recruits will demand it, too. How do employees currently work and engage with each other? Are some of the models outmoded, and will they stand up in the digital future? 

Use the Cloud

They keys to success in the digital future will be scaleability and mobility, and the cloud offers both. It’s a solution that can be grown gradually – companies can start small, minimising the investment and risk of data loss, and make the transition to cloud-based working gradually. It will be a real asset as companies prepare their workplaces for the digital future.


A 2014 goverment cybersecurity survey revealed that 81% of large companies have experienced a security breach of some kind, costing on average between £600,000 and £1.5 million. Arguably the biggest and most pressing preparation for a digital future, then, is cyber security. As you upscale your technology use, you must make sure that your security is upgraded in tandem, and that you hire the right cybersecurity talent.

IT leaders responsible for the digital workplace must come up with resourceful ways to use technology to work for their individual organisation. The time is now. Map out your digital future, and hire the right digital talent to help you make the transition.

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