Recruiters Prosper When You Offer Them Opportunity

At Next Ventures, we try to live up to our name, in every way.

Some might understand our brand name to revolve around helping our candidates and clients to reach their next level. After all, the fast-moving technology space is all about entrepreneurial spirit, blink-and-you-miss-it progression and meritocratic success. If you put all your thought, love and smarts into your idea and back it with everything that you have got, you have a chance to shoot for the stars.

While we certainly enable our clients to smash their “next ventures” as they set new goals and raise their bar, the essence of our brand is not all about them.

Another interpretation lies a lot closer to home.

In order to help our clients, we first have to empower our consultants.

Amazing people join Next Ventures (and stay with us for years) because we support them in whatever their “next venture” might be. Every individual within our business is on a journey that we promise to nurture in any way that we can.

Whether you want to work in a more lucrative European market, take on more management responsibilities or simply double down on your recruiting skills, we believe that our recruiters prosper when they are given the opportunity to take their next step.

Whatever that next step is…. for them.

Creative growth and rapid progression

When everyone is pulling in a direction that means something to them, in a supportive environment that allows for creative growth, rapid progression for all is guaranteed. And when our recruiters are growing, they do an increasingly amazing job for our clients and candidates.

Many corporate brands put their clients first, but we believe that when a recruitment employer puts the progression and growth of their people first, their clients and candidates will benefit so much more. If each of our people feels that they are on the path to their “next venture” within the team, they will put in all the extra effort required to turn their candidate and client relationships from good to outstanding. Our approach of recognising and rewarding our team, empowering them to meet and exceed their ambitions, is where we all win.

We celebrate our consultants’ success

The videos below are just a few of the recent success stories of which we are so proud. We believe that feedback is a crucial part of keeping the mix right, and it warms my heart to hear the motivation and ambition in their voices. These two superstars have achieved so much, but they know that they can aim as high as they want.

As we enter a new year and a new decade, most people are resetting their goals and refreshing their dreams. It is one thing for opportunity to come along, but when that opportunity is married with a supportive environment, wonders can happen.

I wish all our candidates, clients and colleagues (past, present and future) a truly wonderful 2020. Let’s make this decade into an amazing series of next ventures together.