The Latest Oracle Developments You Should Know About

Do you work with Oracle technologies? Are you up to date with the latest developments? It’s important for Oracle-certified professionals and member organisations to keep up to date with improvements, upgrades and new releases that are changing the way we work with the cloud.

So, to make your life a little easier, we thought we’d put together our guide to the Oracle developments you should know about in September 2015.

Additions to Oracle Cloud Platform

Oracle has made significant additions to their cloud platform services, opening up their lead over cloud competitors.

New platform and infrastructure services added to Oracle’s cloud platform should enable developers, IT professionals and business users to accelerate their digital transformation and drive innovation in the future.

Back in June, Oracle Executive Chairman of the Board and CTO Larry Ellison announced new additions to the Oracle Cloud Platform. It’s 24 new cloud services – including Oracle Database Cloud, Oracle Archive Storage Cloud, Oracle Big Data Cloud, Oracle Integration Cloud and Oracle Mobile Cloud – have even further extended Oracle’s lead as the world’s broadest portfolio of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.

The latter, the eagerly anticipated Oracle Mobile Cloud, is focused on providing easy-to-use tools for business professionals using Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) to mine and analyse data about its use. It’s designed with mobile app developers, service developers, line of business stakeholders and enterprise architects and other mobile and digital professionals in mind.

Release of Oracle Service Cloud & Oracle Social Cloud

Today, more than one in three customers prefer to contact brands through social channels rather than by phone or email. New Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud functionality will allow business users to deliver the best possible customer service across all channels.

“The updates to the Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Social Cloud help businesses listen, identify and track social conversations, enabling them to quickly and efficiently respond to customers looking for answers, which helps foster a loyal group of brand ambassadors.”

David Vap, Group Vice President, Product Development, Oracle 

New workflow and automation capabilities will empower organisations to leverage the power of social insights and engagements, while Community Self-Service functions will allow them to deliver a seamless experience between web service and community interactions.

New Oracle Integrated Appliances Reduce IT costs

Although it’s been some six months since it was announced, it’s worth mentioning Oracle’s integration of appliances back in January, and how it is helping to significantly reduce IT costs. A new generation of engineered systems, including the new Virtual Compute Appliance X5, Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System and Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5 has increased value while reducing customer costs:

“Our customers want their data centers to be as simple and as automated as possible. With some of Oracle’s engineered systems and appliances, you can pay 50 percent less, BUT you have to be willing to take TWICE the performance.”

Larry Ellison, CTO & Executive Chairman of the Board, Oracle

Are you an Oracle certified professional looking for your next opportunity? Staying current with the latest Oracle developments is a sure way to set yourself apart from the pool. Equally, if you are an organisation looking to hire someone who can help you take full advantage of the latest Oracle developments, you now know what to look for!

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