Why Half of SAP Customers Use Simple Finance

Considering that SAP Simple Finance has only been available since the start of the year, it is interesting to see that many organisations are already looking to implement it.”

Philip Adams, Chairman, UK & Ireland SAP User Group

SAP Simple Finance has only been available for 9 months, and yet almost half of SAP customers are already using it.

That’s how important streamlining financial processes is to SAP customers.

SAP has revealed that, since the launch of its Simple Finance product at the beginning of the year, 42% of the company’s existing clients have expressed an interest in moving over to the new platform. The streamlined simplicity and real-time insights offered by Simple Finance allow businesses to operate more efficiently and make more informed business decisions for their organisation. The most agile half of SAP customers have recognised that, and are mobilising they’re business to take advantage.

Why is Simple Finance so Popular?

Simple Finance is superior over products that have gone before in a number of critical ways.

As we wrote a few months ago on our blog, Simple Finance preserves the functional strength of SAP HANA, while offering additional functionality for financial planning, accounting, risk management and analysis. Simple Finance offers a single view of financial accounting data and enables ‘real-time’ analysis in a clean, HTML5 based user interface.

30% of SAP customers say that Simple Finance will allow them to make better business decisions. 86% of those surveyed see value in Simple Finance’s automation functions, and said that they’ll use it to make their invoicing more efficient, according to IT Pro.

It’s a strong start for Simple Finance, an asset to companies that recognise its value.

The Value of Simple Finance in a Digital World

“there is still work to be done to help customers overcome obstacles and take advantage of the latest product innovation from SAP.”

Philip Adams, Chairman, UK & Ireland SAP User Group

Simple Finance is a pioneering tool that will give businesses a distinct advantage in today’s digital world. The challenge for SAP is to convince users of that. 19% of those surveyed, for example, said that they were unable to move to Simple Finance because they would need to update their entire landscape, while for others the benefits still couldn’t outweigh the costs. Some, too, wanted to see more hard evidence of its benefits, with 14% holding out for more real-life examples of businesses where Simple Finance had been successfully implemented. 

We don’t think it will be long before a majority of SAP users are converted to the benefits of Simple Finance.

It’s essential that businesses have the right tools to help them thrive in the digital world, like Simple Finance, but it’s equally important to have the right talent. We have access to a large pool of the most talented niche large tech professionals out there. Get in touch with us today, and compile the tools to thrive in today’s digital landscape.