Why Work With Next Ventures?

When you are selecting a partner, who might provide a service to you, you want to get to know them from a number of angles.

At Next Ventures, we thoroughly believe in primarily letting our focus on enterprise technology recruitment do the talking, but every now and again we will write a blog or share something on social to help illuminate what we are all about.

Although much of this content might not be explicit in “selling” our unique brand of awesomeness, today I would like to outline just why every single enterprise technology candidate and client might consider giving us a call.

Let me talk about how we go about our work, I want to share a few thoughts on our reputation, and I simply have to focus on our obsession with specialisation.

Next Venture’s Team Values:

Like any family, we have certain standards of behaviour that we are proud to uphold. We expect nothing less than excellence as we take any chance to showcase our cultural values:

1. They Care

When you care about the person in front of you (candidate or client), you make the effort to listen attentively, question thoughtfully and deliver on your promises. The outcome of your interaction matters, but you also want to make your difference to their long-term prosperity. How impactful is your part in their life?

2. They Listen And Advise

As technology over delivers in simply gathering applications, our people take huge pride in their consultative approach. Clients pay us because they want to work with niche experts who are not afraid to speak their minds. However, we do not think that we know it all – to give advice, you often first have to take it.

3. They Go The Extra Mile

When you are hiring for a client with a specific culture, you have to immerse yourself in what it means to work there. This is the kind of challenge we relish and where we can demonstrate how we go the extra mile to get the fit right. When we win for our clients we can all enjoy the victory together.

4. They Are Honest

We encourage our consultants to be candid in all their dealings, while at the same time always offering to find a solution to the challenges. There is enough varnish and bluster in the world – when you work with someone from Next Ventures, you know that they will tell it as they see it.

We want them to trust their feelings. When you are facilitating life-altering decisions about other people, sometimes you have to assess things at an emotional level as well as a practical one. Our management teams want to ensure that we are making rational judgments for the right reasons, but we also understand that our gut has a role to play.

What is Next Ventures’ Reputation in The Market?

Trusted Partner. 70% of our placements come from existing clients. A preferred supplier list means stronger relationships, a recruitment partner who genuinely understands specialist hiring challenges, and above all – quality delivery. This extensive repeat business we enjoy is testament to our continuing ability to meet and exceed client demands.

Passionate. When we take on a role or job, we absolutely deliver no matter what it takes. The dedication runs through with each client and candidate engagement. We deliver because we are passionate about technology recruitment and dedicated to fulfilling against our promises.

Proactive. Utilising sophisticated in-house headhunting techniques, we are prepared to be incredibly proactive to thoroughly map a market ensuring we deliver not just the best available – but the best possible candidates for the job.

Experts. Our expertise is developed by focusing only on the niche technologies encompassed within each of our five practices, our consultants becoming specialists in their fields. Each of our global offices are supported by multi-lingual consultants who are highly trained in their technology domain, combined with invaluable knowledge of local culture. Additionally, each NV consultant works on either permanent or contract/interim employment, truly specialising.

Global. We currently have 470+ contractors deployed across more than 20 countries through our network of 7 wholly owned subsidiaries. Our 7 global offices give us many options when implementing specialist project teams to our international clients. We look to offer the most cost-effective proposal to our clients whilst delivering compliant solutions, across all regions in which we operate.

Our recruiters obsess about specialisation

Our five key practice areas demonstrate the breadth of our service. We are passionate about supporting each of our recruiters in becoming subject-matter experts in these niche fields. We attend conferences not just to network, but to learn. We encourage online courses to keep up with developments in each market. We teach our people that every conversation with a client or candidate is an opportunity to immerse themselves in their world. The more involved our people are, the more knowledgeable they become.

Here is an overview of our five key practice areas

We have been an SAP specialist since 2005, sourcing candidates for international enterprise organisations, major system integrators and consultancies, providing precise technical and functional expertise that is specific to their industry and geography.

With the explosion of applications moving to the cloud and the proliferation of digital tech, cyber and infrastructure talent has never been more in demand.

Data science and machine learning are at the forefront of where technology meets society and top international talent is scarce in the area of Data and Business Intelligence.

Enterprise technologies are easily under-utilised if you do not have the people with the right understanding of how to make the most of their capabilities. Whether you require heavily customised or out of the box implementation of your chosen ERP solution, we can find the talent to make it a success.

Focusing on our clients’ business challenges allows our software development talent to pinpoint the exact blend of solution required – combing business understanding with a deep technical knowledge.

With technology sourcing, it genuinely “takes on to know one” and our recruitment conversations are conducted at a granular level of detail that no other recruiter can match. If we don’t understand the nuances, we can’t predict the outcomes.

Being outstanding means putting candidates and clients first

For 18 years Next Ventures has maintained steady, progressive growth and along the way collecting a Sunday Times International Track 100 and three Sunday Times Fast Track 100 awards. These and many other accolades reassure us that we are getting the formula right.

Our ongoing success is down to the 70% of clients with whom we enjoy long-term partnerships, and to every single candidate who walked through our doors and thought:

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“Yes, Next Ventures really get it. In my experience, their approach really works delivering for both clients and candidates. Keep up the good work. Krystian – Krystian Szastok from Newtide Digital